Hydronic Floor Heating

Heat Your Home from the Ground Up with Hydronic In-Floor Heating

Hydronic in-floor heating systems, also called radiant floor heating, are more than just “heated floors.” They provide safe, energy-efficient, evenly distributed warmth throughout the whole home. Radiant heat, like we receive from the sun or a fireplace, warms the people and objects in a space as well as the air.

Hydronic in-floor heating systems utilize this concept by circulating hot water through a system of tubes installed below the floor. This allows them to deliver the comfort you desire without the noisy blowers, hot/cold spots, and drafts that can occur with forced-air heating systems.

Our hydronic systems can melt snow and ice by circulating a glycol solution through embedded tubing beneath concrete or brick pavers. Our systems are designed to work alone or in conjunction with a radiant heat system.

MrPEX® Radiant Floor Heating Systems

MrPEX® Systems – PEX Tubing

MrPEX® tubing is exceptionally flexible, kink-resistant, and strong as it’s designed to resist inside pressure. It’s engineered with a unique peroxide crosslinking process that ensures optimal, long-lasting performance, making it one of the leading brands of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing on the market today.

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MrPEX® Systems – Manifolds

Acting as the central hub for the hot water supply and return lines, manifolds allow the radiant floor heating system to run smoothly. MrPEX® offers stainless steel, composite, and brass manifolds in 2 to 12-loop configurations to suit your needs.

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