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5 Questions to Ask When Replacing Your HVAC System

Replacing Your HVAC System

Before you finalize the purchase of a new HVAC, make sure you know what questions to as. Read on for the top 5 questions to ask a HVAC professional.

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Energy Efficient Tax Credits

Tax Credit

As we say goodbye to 2016, and look back over the past year, what is the one thing you remember most? Is it the family vacation you took to Florida in March? Perhaps, it is when your daughter got married back in June. Oh, wait, we know. It must be the energy efficient heating and cooling system you purchased in August, right? If that isn’t at the top of the list, it should be pretty close, at least for tax purposes. As we head into 2017 and prepare for this year’s tax deadline, keep that purchase top of mind. Tax credit eligibility for qualifying residential energy property expenditures was extended through December 31, 2016 by the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015. This means that you could receive up to $500 back in tax credits, if your purchase qualifies. HVAC product types that qualify for the credit include: Advanced Main Air Circulating Fan Natural Gas, Propane, Oil Furnace or Boiler Split System Air Conditioner Split System Heat Pump Package Air Conditioner Package Heat Pump Package Gas/Electric System For more information and to access the necessary tax form for your 2016 Federal Tax Return, click here. Interested in lowering utility bills by installing energy efficient HVAC products? Give us a call at […]

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