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Protecting Your Air Conditioner in the Summer

Air conditioner

Knowing the basics of caring for your AC ensures its peak performance, saving you money over time. Read our blog as we look at ways to protect your AC in the summer.

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Air Conditioner Tips to Help You Stay Cool

Summer is in full swing here in Minnesota and you know what that means – high temperatures and even higher humidity. A properly functioning air conditioner is essential for keeping you cool during those hot, sticky summer days and nights. But it’s important to understand how your home’s cooling system works and the value of maintenance to ensure you stay comfortable all season long. Read on for air conditioner tips to help you stay cool. The ABCs of ACs To understand how your air conditioner works, you need to understand the basic laws of chemistry. When a liquid is converted to a gas, it absorbs heat – a process called phase transition. Air conditioners chill indoor air using refrigerants – special chemical compounds that evaporate and condense at lower temperatures using a system of evaporator coils. The air conditioner also contains a fan that moves warmer indoor air over these cold, refrigerants-filled coils which absorb the heat as it changes to a gaseous state. A compressor puts the gas under high pressure, then evacuates it with a second set of condenser coils and a second fan. It’s an endless cycle designed to keep the interior of your home consistently cool during those warm summer months. AC Maintenance and Repair Now that you understand […]

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