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Garage Heaters – A Minnesota Must-Have

Even though we’ve had a warmer than usual fall, winter is right around the corner, and along with it, snow, ice, and wind. But the fact remains: even though it’s cold outside, we’ve still got work to do. And some of that work is out in the garage. Bundling up in a heavy coat, hat, and gloves or having cold, numb fingers can make it tough to get anything done. Garage heaters can warm up your garage or other outbuilding quickly and easily. Now is the perfect time to consider adding a garage heater to make your space more useful and comfortable during the cold winter months. Whether you’re working on your vehicle, finishing up a project at the workbench, or watching the game, a little heat can make a big difference. The warmer temperature will also protect your vehicles, lawn mower, and snow blower from the extreme winter cold, as well as other items you may store in the garage. Heating & Cooling Two carries Modine Hot Dawg® heaters. These low-profile, gas-fired residential garage heaters are mounted one inch from the ceiling and are easy to use and maintain. Features of Hot Dawg® Garage Heaters: • Quiet operation • Use natural or propane gas • Low-profile design and neutral color • Lightweight […]

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18-Month No Interest Financing

Fall is on its way. Temperatures have dropped and the leaves are starting to turn. As we prepare for the upcoming winter, it’s a good time for a maintenance check on your furnace, air exchanger, or humidifier. Download our checklist and schedule a time for one of our technicians to stop by and tune-up your equipment. Sometimes the results of a maintenance check aren’t what we expect, and repair or replacement is necessary. For these times – and any time equipment fails or an upgrade is necessary – Heating & Cooling Two is pleased to offer customers special financing options. Services and installation totaling $500 or more qualify for this special financing. Our 18-month no interest* financing offers low monthly payments and flexible terms. Financing through us allows you to spread out the payments for up to eighteen months without interest. You can also choose to pay off the balance before the interest-free period ends. Any balance remaining after eighteen months is subject to interest due for the entire amount financed.We also offer other financing options to best fit your lifestyle. Call to find out more about our other financing plans. Products and services that qualify for this 18-month no interest financing include: Furnaces Air Conditioners Heat Pumps Geothermal Heat Pumps Ductless Mini-Splits […]

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