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Thinking of remodeling? Consider geothermal heating & cooling, and get a 30% tax credit!

Even if you’re not an HGTV-watching fanatic — like some people we know — chances are good that if you’re a homeowner, you enjoy the process of improving your home. What better way to improve your family’s home comfort — and dramatically lower your utility bills — than by adding a geothermal, or “ground-source” heat pump system? Called “the most energy efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning systems available today” by the U.S. EPA, geothermal systems use the earth’s stored energy to heat and cool your home. Even better, geothermal systems are one home improvement that actually pays back your investment. So not only will you save dramatically on your utility bills — your investment also qualifies for a 30% tax credit from Uncle Sam! To learn more about how geothermal can start working for you, call 763.428.3677 or email

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