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Upgrade Your Filter for Great Indoor Air Quality!

Suffering from allergies, headaches or asthma? Your home’s air quality could be the culprit! HVAC systems are a breeding ground for microbial growth in the summertime, spread through the air by air conditioning moisture. Without filters in your HVAC system, your allergies may be more severe and germs linger in the air for longer. From dust mite waste and mold spores to pet dander and pollen, irritating airborne particles can certainly put a damper on your summer plans. The good news? A clean and high quality air purification system can help you breathe easier and enjoy the season. Heating & Cooling Two’s BreatheCLEAN UV air purification system provides lasting relief for people suffering from asthma and allergies. Throughout the year, BreatheCLEAN continually removes viruses, molds and bacteria. Heating & Cooling Two also offers a wide range of highly-effective Bryant, Aprilaire and Honeywell filters to provide your home with clean and healthy air. Prevent a dust buildup in your home by checking the air filter on a monthly basis and replacing it when necessary. Higher density filters trap more particulates and may need to be changed more frequently. Don’t resign yourself to a summer full of sneezing and nagging headaches. Achieve great indoor air quality this month with an air filter upgrade and regular […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day from your friends at Heating & Cooling Two. Thanks for being amazing dads!

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