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You may find yourself on an HVAC company website and discover that they offer multiple how to, tips and tricks, and tune-up blogs. You might catch yourself reading into how to Beat the Summer Humidity or learning a bit about the history of HVAC. Blogging may seem like a huge responsibility, tedious, and random for an HVAC company, but it is in fact a strong marketing strategy to grow the business. Read on as we tell you more about why HVAC blogs matter. We can Answer “Why/How/Who” Questions It’s Monday morning 85 degrees out, the temperature is on the rise, you look at your phone –  it’s going to be like this all week. One problem, your air conditioning is making a funny noise, and it’s not blowing out cool air. You go straight to the internet and start frantically searching, why is my air conditioning failing? How can I fix it? Who can fix it? How do I choose the best AC for my home? Most of our Heating & Cooling Two blogs will answer all your HVAC why/how/who questions. Our Blogs Have the Latest Trends An HVAC company and trends –  you would never think those two words would go together, right? Surprisingly, some HVAC topics can be trendy. You can […]

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Throwing it back to HVAC

You probably know the history of Pearl Harbor, Martin Luther King Jr., Facebook, and maybe even your favorite band, but have you ever thought about the history of what keeps your home nice, cool, and comfortable? We are throwing it back to HVAC, and exploring the history of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Follow along as we talk early HVAC designs, when HVAC was created, who invited it, and much more. Ancient Heating & Cooling Designs Finding shade, shelter, and anything to protect us from the heat has always been a way of living. Dare we say our ancient ancestors were essentially HVAC technicians? Ancient Egyptians would hang wet clothing in windows, and then wind would blow across the clothes cooling down the room. If you were rich back then, you would have someone constantly fanning you. Wealthy Romans had aqueducts in the walls of their homes that would help keep the air nice and cool. Windcatchers would be added to buildings in the middle east. The wind would blow in through the openings at the top, and the openings brought the wind down each level of the building. To stay warm our ancient ancestors would wear heavier things like wool, keep fires going all day, use blankets, and they would […]

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