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Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

benefits of a home energy audit

Many of us strive to be more eco-friendly, and all of us would love to save money wherever possible. If you want both, understanding your total household power consumption is the perfect place to start. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a home energy audit. Save on Energy Bills A professional energy audit provides a detailed, comprehensive outline of your home’s total energy consumption. It also shows you where improvements can be made for increased efficiency and overall comfort, such as replacing high-energy appliances. Additionally, your qualified auditor can help you analyze the information, identify, and prioritize major problem areas, and decide what changes will provide the greatest impact. Cut Costs for Heating and Cooling According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), heating and cooling systems account for over half of the energy used in homes. During a professional energy assessment, the assessor will: Examine HVAC system for issues and opportunities Check insulation and ventilation throughout the home Identify leaks that cause unwanted heat loss/gain In the end, the report will show you exactly what changes can/should be made to optimize the HVAC efficiency and comfort of your home. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Improving your home’s energy efficiency effectively reduces its greenhouse gas emissions. When you make changes presented […]

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The Telltale Signs of a Failing HVAC Unit

Signs of a failing HVAC unit

Despite Punxsutawney Phil claiming there are six more weeks of winter, we can’t help but have warm weather on the brain. As we dream of sunnier days, take this time to think about the last time you checked on your HVAC unit – If Phil’s right, you’ll want to keep your house warm for a little while longer. If you’ve been hanging on to your old heating system, it may be time to upgrade. Continue reading our blog to learn about the telltale signs of a failing HVAC unit. Unusual Noises A few noises every once and while is to be expected, especially when your system turns on and off. However, if you’re hearing loud bangs, grinding, scraping, or whistling, your HVAC system may be in some trouble. Any uncommon noise, no matter how quiet, is something that should be assessed by a professional to ensure further damage doesn’t occur. Low Air Flow As we approach springtime and look forward to warmer weather, remember to check the outpour of airflow from your AC. Slow airflow could mean many things, including a clogged air filter, but it could also be an indicator of a broken motor or blower fan. No matter the reason, an HVAC system that is not performing at its best may […]

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