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Five Questions to Ask about an HVAC System before Buying a Home

Top questions to ask about HVAC system

Asking these five questions before purchasing a home will guarantee a functioning HVAC system and more money in your pocket. Read on for more.

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Importance of “in-home” consultation

We receive a number of calls each week from potential customers inquiring about over-the-phone estimates/pricing.  This is not impossible to do, actually it’s quite a bit easier than having to schedule an in-home estimate for both the customer and for us, however, it’s not very accurate.  We strongly suggest a FREE in-home estimate because there are so many variables that differ from house to house.  What may be an applicable solution in your neighbor’s house might be something that is completely unacceptable in your home, even if the homes were built at the same time by the same contractor.  There are certain key things we look for while in your home, such as compatibility of a high-efficient appliance with your current set-up, etc.We realize that it’s not always the most exciting thing you can spend and hour-and-a-half doing, but trust us, it’s well worth having an in-home consultation for any HVAC needs you may have.

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