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Ceiling Fans 101

Let’s face the facts, the summer heat is here to stay. We are looking at 80/90-degree weather for the month of July. If you aren’t tubing down a river, diving in the pool, or sitting in the shade, you might be constantly trying to find some means to keep cool. Another way we can stay cool is inside with the air conditioning cranked all the way up, but don’t forget about your ceiling fans. They are deemed as useful tools for your home, but do they really cool down a room? Follow along in our blog as we talk ceiling fans 101. Cool and breezy   Sure, you may feel a cool breeze when you are sitting underneath a fan on a warm summer day in the AC, but who’s to say that the fan is making that cool breeze? It may just be contributing to it. A ceiling fan doesn’t necessarily lower the overall temperature of a room. It can make the room you are in feel cooler though. A ceiling fan will help to push warm air down, it causes cool air that is near the floor to move out and stir to the edge of the room. Thermostat Costs The cost of living increases every year. So, we want to […]

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