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Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your AC Unit

It’s a 90-degree day, you come home from work and your house, apartment, living space is blazing hot. You turn the air conditioning on full blast, but it just isn’t feeling right. This air conditioning unit is old and worn down. Now, you must decide to repair or replace your AC. You may not even be sure where to start. Heating & Cooling Two is here to help you make that decision. If you suspect you need to do something about your air conditioning, look for these indications that it’s time to upgrade your AC unit. Signs of a Broken AC If your AC isn’t working very well, this may be a huge underlying sign that it needs to be upgraded. Below we have a few warning signs that you need to repair or replace your air conditioning. Weak airflow Bad odors Warm air Leaks Noisy Unit It’s common for most air conditioners to make minimal noise when they are running. One way to tell your air conditioning is on the fritz are loud and sudden unusual noises. This could potentially be a big problem in the long run for your unit. Noises such as banging, grinding, scraping, and squealing won’t go away on their own. You may have to call in the […]

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Common HVAC Spring Questions

Staying comfortable in your own home is a necessity, especially in the summer. And the first place to start is your heating and cooling system. Let Heating & Cooling Two help keep your HVAC system in tip top shape this spring so you can enjoy those warm summer months. Read on as we answer a few of your common HVAC spring questions. How Often Should I Be Changing My HVAC Filter? When it comes to your HVAC filter you should refer to the manufacturing guidelines of your home’s specific HVAC system. If your air filter isn’t clean, your cooling system won’t operate at its highest potential. How Do I Clean My Vents and Registers? Just like your bookshelves and tv stand, your vents and registers collect dust, pet dander, and hair as well. Here are a few steps to take when cleaning your vents and registers: Step 1. We recommend some spring cleaning around the house first. Step 2. Turn your HVAC system off before starting. Step 3. Take your vents off. You may need a screwdriver for this part. Step 4. Grab your vacuum hose and get that dust out. Step 5. Dust your vent or register off into the trash outside. Try not to get any of that dust in the […]

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