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Why Should I Get a Home Energy Audit?

how important is a home energy audit?

With a home energy audit, you can increase your home’s efficiency so the air your HVAC system conditions doesn’t go out the door. Learn more on our blog.

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Keep out Uninvited Houseguests – Pest-Proof your HVAC Systems

pest proof your HVAC system

Everyone loves having company. Entertaining family and friends fills your house with laughter and merriment. But the fun can end when visitors overstay or drop by unannounced. While we can’t keep Uncle Ned from wearing out his welcome, we can offer a few tips to pest-proof your HVAC systems and home. HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning Keeping up with routine maintenance can help prevent pests in your home. Don’t skip out on furnace and A/C tune-ups, bi-yearly cleanings, and inspections. Bonus: Regular HVAC Maintenance will also extend the life of your units. Speaking of cleaning… Get your air ducts cleaned regularly. Cleaning will remove debris and allergens, improving your indoor air quality. Regular inspections by an HVAC professional can catch any potential problems early. Seal Ducts and Vents Leaky ducts and vents can be a perfect way for unwanted guest to get in. Besides cleaning, sealing your ductwork and vents will also keep out odors, pests, and allergens. Bonus: Sealing the leaks can lower your HVAC costs. Clear and Protect Outdoor Units Some of your HVAC units can be exposed to the elements. Protect your outdoor units by properly mounting them on a raised slab. Installing a Supreme Stands® heat pump stand will also guard your heating systems from snow, ice, and water. In the […]

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