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Get to Know Your Trusted Comfort Experts

Home is where the heart is. Where memories are made with your loved ones. When your home is the perfect temperature, those special moments are even more enjoyable. Most homeowners prefer warm and toasty in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. Keeping your home comfortable is our job. Before inviting us into your home, let us introduce ourselves. Why Heating & Cooling Two? We have been family owned since 1980. We know that the proper heating and cooling of your home or office is critical. We love to laugh on our social media, but we take providing the best service seriously. Our team of experts have over 30 plus years of experience in heating, cooling, and ventilation. When you call Heating & Cooling Two, our professional staff stands ready to meet and exceed your HVAC service expectations. We even have a full-service sheet metal shop. Our solid vendor relationships allow us to provide the best services and products. Whether it’s installing a new home comfort system or routine preventive maintenance, you can expect professional and courteous service as well as dependable products. Our HVAC technicians stay up to date with the latest energy efficient and money-saving technologies. Our team strives to complete jobs on time. When it comes to your […]

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Benefits of Sealing Leaky Air Ducts

leaky air ducts

Duct, duct, leaky duct! All games and jokes aside, leaky air ducts can negatively impact the heating of your home. Leaky air ducts let the warm air out and the cold air in. This can create pockets of cold air or cause a room to be a little chilly. They can also contribute to reducing your indoor air quality by adding to the mold and allergens in your home and letting in harmful radon gas or carbon monoxide exhaust. Neglecting leaky air ducts can cost you money every month as it causes your furnace to run more often to heat the room to the thermostat setting. Solutions for Leaky Air Ducts The best solution is to seal the leak. Having a professional come in and check your home will ensure that the ducts are sealed correctly. Heating and Cooling Two uses Aeroseal® to seal air ducts. Aeroseal® is a sealant that is guaranteed for ten years but has been tested for 40 years. This spray can cover all ducts including hidden ones. Our trained technicians also make sure that they protect all sensitive objects in your home. Ductless Air Systems If you are looking to renovate your home, another option is to put in a ductless air system. Discover comfort without compromise with […]

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