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How to Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature

We all have the perfect temperature that we like to have our bedrooms set to when we sleep. Some may like their room extremely hot, and others may love it when their room is ice cold. It is all about what we find to be the most comforting and helps us sleep. The temperature you sleep at can affect your sleep schedule in a positive and negative way. Continue reading our blog to learn how to find your optimal sleep temperature.

How the Temperature Affects Sleep

Let’s face it, we’ve all had horrible nights of sleep and as a result the following day we feel lazy, irritable, or just ready to start the day over. Studies have shown that when your room is unbearably hot or freezing cold, you will more and likely wake up or experience an increase in wakefulness or a decrease in rapid eye movement (REM). When your temperature is set to a comfortable setting, you will get the much-needed rest you deserve.

The Ideal Sleep Temperature

As we grow and get older, we try to figure out what is the most comfortable way to sleep. This could be sleeping with more or less blankets, one pillow or twelve pillows, and what temperature you want your bedroom to be. Our levels of comfort tend to change over time. For adults, the ideal temperature suggested for you to sleep at is between 60 –67 degrees F. This temperature range is believed to be the most effective and helps facilitate your REM sleep.

Hot vs. Cold

The clash between hot and cold has been a battle for ages, some people need their bedroom warm for them to get a good night of sleep and some love when their room is ice cold. Both temperatures can affect your sleep. When your body is exposed to heat it can cause a decrease in deep sleep, but other studies have shown that your body needs heat to wake up. Colder temperatures can cause your body to sleep later through the night. Your bedding can help sustain a warm sleep environment which will balance out your body temperature.

How to Maintain a Sleeping Temperature

To help maintain a comfortable and good sleeping temperature in your bedroom, you should try to do a few of these things:

  • Change your bedding
  • Keep your room ventilated
  • Wear different pajamas
  • Set your thermostat between 65 to 70 degrees

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