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Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace and AC Together

As a homeowner you will typically purchase one major appliance for your home at a time like a refrigerator, oven, or washing machine. It is costly to buy all those things at once, especially if something you currently have is still running efficiently. A furnace system and air conditioning unit are different, and these are two things that you should purchase together as it has many benefits for you. Read our blog to learn the benefits of replacing your furnace and air conditioner together.

You save money

When purchasing both a furnace and air conditioning together you will obviously save money on energy costs. However, the more important thing is that you save money on repairs. These two systems will typically be under a warranty since they are new. A new unit also means they have less wear and tear on them as well. Installation costs are another thing you save money on, opposed to getting them installed at different times. If you were at some point going to need a replacement on another unit, it is more beneficial for you to just get it done at that moment.

More energy efficient

A new heating and air conditioning system will always be more energy efficient by a large margin compared to an older model. When both units are installed in your home at the same time, they are specifically designed to work together, meaning they will last longer. Pairing an older model with a newer model can cause many issues with the new unit. Its typically because the energy efficiency on the units are unequal. The new model will not be able to work to its full potential, which will decrease its lifespan. A more energy efficient unit will help you in the long run when paying your energy bills as well, you will notice a nice return on your investment.

Increases your home resale value

The most important reason you should consider purchasing these two units together is that it increases your home’s resale value. When potential buyers are interested in purchasing a new home, not only do they want new appliances, but they also want a new air conditioning and heating unit. People want to be sure that they are comfortable during the cool and warm months with updated units.

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