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Throwing it back to HVAC

You probably know the history of Pearl Harbor, Martin Luther King Jr., Facebook, and maybe even your favorite band, but have you ever thought about the history of what keeps your home nice, cool, and comfortable? We are throwing it back to HVAC, and exploring the history of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Follow along as we talk early HVAC designs, when HVAC was created, who invited it, and much more.

Ancient Heating & Cooling Designs

Finding shade, shelter, and anything to protect us from the heat has always been a way of living. Dare we say our ancient ancestors were essentially HVAC technicians? Ancient Egyptians would hang wet clothing in windows, and then wind would blow across the clothes cooling down the room. If you were rich back then, you would have someone constantly fanning you. Wealthy Romans had aqueducts in the walls of their homes that would help keep the air nice and cool. Windcatchers would be added to buildings in the middle east. The wind would blow in through the openings at the top, and the openings brought the wind down each level of the building. To stay warm our ancient ancestors would wear heavier things like wool, keep fires going all day, use blankets, and they would wear lots of fur for warmth.

Early HVAC

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of how the modern-day HVAC started. We can all thank Willis Carrier for being able to live through these long hot humid summer days. He launched the first modern air-conditioning system in 1902. Carrier wanted to figure out how to rid a New York printing company of its humidity. He used large fans with coils to circulate coolant. Stuart Cramer was the first man to coin the term “air conditioning” in 1906. In 1914, the very first air conditioner was installed in Charles Gilbert Gates’ home who lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Then, in the 1920s, over 300 theaters installed air condition systems around the country. 1939 came around and Packard rolled out the first AC in cars. By the 50s and 60s, millions of AC units were being sold.

Window Unit and Central Air

Most homes these days have some form of air conditioning. Window units were first created in 1931 by H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman. Homes back then could not afford to put in the units that cost $10,000-$50,000. So, they would buy window units that would cool smaller spaces. Central air really started to take off in homes after World War II. Carrier had won a big contract and started to sell AC systems to homes in Pennsylvania. In the 70s, AC units were typical for Americans to have in their home. The central air units also had fans and coils that carried warm air through houses and buildings which created central heat in the units as well. The air conditioning industry had really started to explode with growth.   

HVAC Today

HVAC today is becoming modern and high tech. With technology constantly changing and evolving, there is always something new and innovative around the corner. Entrepreneurs are consistently thinking of new ideas and different ways to improve our world. Here are a few ways Heating & Cooling Two can improve your comfort at home:

  • Ductless Mini Split Systems are great for houses without ductwork. They heat or cool and dehumidify all in one. They are easy to install, cost effective, and ecofriendly.
  • Smart thermostats are modern day tools that are at the touch of your fingertips. Your smart thermostat will learn your habits, schedule, and will adjust to you.

Just like the history of HVAC that keeps creating, growing, and innovating, Heating & Cooling Two hopes to do the same. Contact us when you are ready to start your next HVAC project.