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Beat the Summer Humidity

It’s Monday morning, the sun is shining, your windows are open, and it is 75 degrees outside, but the dew point is 65 and still rising along with the temperatures. You may be in a panic as the warm air starts to seep into your home, but Heating & Cooling Two Inc. has a few simple ideas for you to beat the summer humidity. 

Check Out Your AC Unit

We know that fresh air can be nice, but one way to beat the humidity is to turn on your air conditioner. As the air gets cooler it will help to eliminate the humidity from your home. Try to do this on a regular basis. If you notice that your air conditioning unit is having issues, our fully trained and certified technicians are here to help with all your HVAC service needs. This includes air conditioning maintenance/replacement, air flow adjustment, and so much more!

Do Less Laundry

It’s no secret, your washer and dryer can lead to excess moisture. When you wash your clothes, additional hot water can be pushed into the air. When drying them, the heat and damp clothing mixing together make the humidity in the room rise. One way to reduce humidity inside is to line dry clothing outside.

Take Cold Showers

If it’s a sizzling day, the last thing you want is steaming hot water running down your back, right? If you take cooler showers in the summer, it will help to produce less steam. This will lead to less humidity in your house and less of a chance for mold. Cold showers even have health advantages. They are proven to increase circulation, heighten your immune system, and relieve depression.

Purchase a Dehumidifier

Nothing is worse than sitting in a sticky, clammy, damp house. You can beat the summer heat by purchasing a portable dehumidifier for just one room or a whole-home dehumidifier. There are some pros and cons for a portable dehumidifier.


  • Less expensive
  • No installation required
  • Easy to move


  • Only works in one room at a time
  • Can be noisy
  • High maintenance as you must empty the water tank
  • Increases energy bills

There are also pros and cons of a whole-home dehumidifier:


  • Removes humidity from the whole house all at once
  • No noise
  • Maintains good air quality
  • Removes moisture which extends the life of your HVAC system


  • Installation can be expensive
  • Is not portable

Up-Root Your Plants

Well, not literally! If you have an abundance of plants in one room, take your indoor plants outside. They tend to generate more moisture in the air when they go through transpiration and evaporation.

As the days of summer ramp up, we want you to be prepared to take on the Minnesota humidity. From air conditioning maintenance to other services and repairs, contact Heating & Cooling Two. We provide quality service at the best value for your dollar.