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Rise of the Smart Home: Do Smart Thermostats Actually Save You Money?

As we continue to move toward a world of all things “smart”, it’s hard to imagine that some added intelligence isn’t just a ploy for us to spend money. From smart TVs to self-running vacuums, many of us begin to question the actual necessity of artificial intelligence. So, in the case of the smart thermostat, do they actually save you money? Are they worth the investment? Continue reading to find out.

Automatic Temperature Adjustments

Frequently changing the thermostat settings on an analog thermostat is a recipe for disaster. With the constant struggle to keep up, your HVAC system will overload. This can make energy conservation especially difficult during the frigid winters and scorching summers. A smart thermostat will avoid system overdrive by automatically adjusting the temperature to gradually increase. As your thermostat adjusts slowly at an incremental pace, your unit has time to adapt and avoid overworking.

Another way you can incorporate automatic temperature adjustments into your home is by creating your own automation rules inside the smart thermostat. If your kids love to open their windows while the air conditioning unit is running, you can use a customized automation rule to shut down the air conditioning when the windows are open.

Temperature Accuracy

Owning a home with an older, manual thermostat, runs the risk of inaccurate temperature settings. When using a dial or sliding a switch, it’s hard to tell which marks align with what number. Assuming you’re “close enough” to the exact temperature can cost you, even by being just a couple of degrees off. Even upgrading to a thermostat with a digital display guarantees accuracy and a clear reading of the temperature.

Keep Track of Your Costs

Take the guessing out of your monthly bill with a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat compiles your monthly energy usage into an easy-to-read report that’s accessible right from your phone. Some smart thermostats even allow you compare energy bills with homes nearby.

You can certainly still save on energy costs with a traditional thermostat, but using a smart thermostat requires a lot less effort. You’ll no longer spend unnecessary money and it’ll be easier for you to track your savings.

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