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Why All Vents Need to Be Open in Winter

Saving money is always on a homeowner’s radar. Whether it’s turning the heat down, taking shorter showers, or turning lights off, all small adjustments help keep your monthly costs down. Another way homeowners believe they can save money is by closing off vents to unused rooms. While this notion sounds logical, it may end up costing you money in the long run. Continue reading to discover why all vents need to be open in winter.

Keep the Air Moving

Many don’t know that closing vents to a room doesn’t completely redirect the air, instead, the air will be forced through any nearby cracks in the ductwork or other improperly sealed spots. In the end, the air must escape somewhere. Should the air struggle to reach some rooms, it will be forced back into the basement or any floor cavities.

Avoid HVAC Damage

Closing off vents to certain spaces creates a buildup of pressure in the ductwork. Although your furnace system is designed to balance the pressure and temperature in your home, any sort of stoppage inhibits your system from working properly and can cause cracks and leaks within the ductwork.

Increase Heat Exchange

Another benefit of keeping your vents open during the winter is avoiding irregular heat exchange. When the vents are shut, airflow is reduced and no longer heats your spaces at the correct rate. When your HVAC system detects a lower temperature, the number of on-cycles increases to keep up with the thermostat setting. To avoid this issue and keep your utility bills in check, try setting the temperature a couple degrees lower. You and your family probably won’t notice a temperature difference, but your system will be at ease.

Additional Tips

There are plenty of ways to save energy without closing air vents and risking damage to your HVAC system. Add any or all of these tips to your list of home improvements:

Trust the Professionals

Should you find yourself feeling like you are still wasting energy and experiencing higher than normal electrical bills, talk to our team of experts about other options, you may just need an HVAC tune-up. Contact Heating & Cooling Two today.