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Maintaining Your Residential Heat Pump

If you find your home staying toasty warm in the winter, but notice your air conditioning unit running, this may throw you for a loop. Although the answer is simple, many are unaware that their outdoor unit is a heat pump and not an air conditioner. Read our blog to learn how to maintain your residential heat pump and how you can check if you own one.

How to Tell If You Have a Heat Pump

  1. Go outside and type in the model number on the condenser into Google. Typing this information into Google will tell you if you own an air conditioner or a heat pump.
  2. Peek through the grill on the outdoor unit. If you see a brass contraption with three fittings on one side, you have a heat pump. This brass object is responsible for switching the unit from heating to cooling and won’t be on an air conditioner

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump functions very differently from a furnace. Furnaces create heat that is distributed throughout a home, but a heat pump absorbs heat energy from the outside air and transfers it to the indoor air. This function is even possible when it’s cold outside. The cooling mode in a heat pump is very similar to an air conditioner — They both absorb heat from the indoor air and release it through the outdoor unit.

Energy Saver

A properly operating heat pump is one of the best energy-saving heating methods. By operating your heat pump system on the “auto” fan setting combined with a professionally installed programmable thermostat, your heat pump will keep your home warm while using the least amount of energy. A well-maintained heat pump can reserve upwards of 25% more energy than a furnace.

Keep your heat pump running efficiently by changing out dirty filters, coils, and fans regularly. Clogged filters and fans reduce airflow through the system, damaging the system’s compressor with the lack of circulation. If you suspect your heat pump’s issues are extensive, call a professional to have your system assessed.

We suggest getting your heat pump maintenance seasonally because of the continuous running. Contact Heating & Cooling Two today to schedule a HVAC or heat pump tune-up. Our team of experts are here for any questions you may have regarding your heating system.