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Preparing Your HVAC Unit for Winter

In Minnesota, we understand the unpredictability of November. Sunshine one day, could mean snow the next. As a homeowner, being prepared for winter extends past new boots and coats, as we need to also be aware of how the weather can impact HVAC systems. Continue reading our blog to see how the dropping temperatures may affect the efficiency of your system and how to prepare your HVAC unit for winter.

Take Precautionary Steps

A great first step towards supporting the well-being of your HVAC unit is by doing your own analysis. Leading up to the first bit of cold weather, your attention will naturally shift to your furnace as you anticipate turning it on, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be mindful of your air conditioner as well. Take notice of the air conditioning unit as it piles on up with snow and ice. Take the time to clear it off occasionally so it can receive the proper airflow needed to prevent any rusting or corrosion, despite the unit being off for the season.

If your outdoor unit is a heat pump, you’ll want to be extra responsive to snow or ice around the system. As your heat pump continues to work hard warming your home, the accumulation of snow can directly impact the operation of the heating system as it melts and freezes near the pump. Clearing off your heat pump should be done regularly to ensure a high functioning system.

How to Prepare

Stay ahead of the cold weather by having your HVAC system examined by a professional. Prior to the assessment, take the time to clear away debris. An excess of sticks, shrubbery, and leaves will inhibit proper circulation of the unit.

Following your outdoor preparations, make sure your indoor components are also protected this winter. Although the inside of your home isn’t being exposed to the bitter cold, inside components are working just as hard. Winter cuts down the amount of humidity in the air significantly which causes heating systems to work harder as it struggles to heat drier air. To ensure a smoothly operating HVAC system, consider changing out your air filters per manufacturers’ recommendations (especially during the winter).

Rely on the Professionals

Now is the time to get your HVAC system ready to withstand the winter weather. Our HVAC contractors have the expertise necessary to make sure it’s operating efficiently for the winter months. Contact us today for a free estimate and to schedule an inspection.