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The Top 5 Fall HVAC Issues

Preparing for a colder season takes a little more effort when you live in Minnesota. As fall approaches and we mentally prepare to freeze, make sure you are also physically prepping your HVAC system. Approach this change of season as your time to make sure your HVAC is free of clogs and working efficiently. Read our blog to learn what the most common fall HVAC issues are and how you can avoid them.

Common HVAC Issues

Clogged Outdoor Drains

Outside drains can become clogged for a variety of reasons, but the number one culprit in the fall tends to be leaves. Falling leaves mixed with heavy rain creates quite the solid plug in your sewer drains. Thankfully, the fix is easy. If your local radar shows a storm heading your way, use a rake to remove leaves around storm drains to prevent this issue from happening.

Dirty Air Filters

If your home seems to be warmer than usual, it could be because of dirty air filters. Not only will old filters cut down on efficiency, but it will also cause stress on the working parts. Make sure your air filters are being changed according to your manufacturer’s recommendations, typically every 1 to 6 months depending on the size of your filter. Don’t forget to set a reminder on your phone or tablet.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are another common issue come fall. Clogged drain lines will cause overflow outside of the drainage hose and leak. This is a problem that should always be left up to the professionals, as the source of most leaks are not easy to identify. Once the experts get the drain line cleaned, they can pinpoint the leak source and fix it.

Refrigerant Leaks

If you notice your air conditioner is only moving warm air throughout your home, there is a chance you have a refrigerant leak. This is an issue that should be resolved as soon as possible as the compressor will overheat and eventually stall. When you call one of our trusted professionals, we will locate the leak, fix it, and test the restoration.


Strange noises coming from your equipment typically is an indication of air circulation issues or dirty burners. These problems can be avoided with regular maintenance by a trained technician. Ignoring unusual squeaking or grinding can lead to a system failure, while routine maintenance will only require changing out a worn belt or oiling the motor.

Contact Heating & Cooling Two today to learn more about preventative HVAC care. Our team of experts will help you avoid some of our most common issues. Whether your HVAC system is on the fritz, or you’re due for routine maintenance, call Heating & Cooling Two, Inc. at 763-428-3677 for all HVAC needs.