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Managing March Madness: 8 HVAC Tips for Early Spring

hvac tips for early spring

The spring thaw is finally upon us! Temps are rising, snow and ice are melting, and our furnaces are getting a well-deserved break. However, we don’t call this time of year “March Madness” in the HVAC world just because it’s a familiar and catchy title. After all, a late-winter snowfall would be nothing new in Minnesota. Use these HVAC tips for early spring to help prepare your home for the changing of the seasons.

HVAC Tips for Early Spring

Inspect & Clean Outdoor Condenser Unit

A condenser unit is the outdoor component of central AC, heat pump, and other air conditioning split systems. As it’s responsible for the actual cooling effect of your system, ensuring the unit is clean, damage-free, and clear of obstructions is crucial to overall performance.

After cutting power to the condenser and removing the protective cover, remove any leaves, dirt, twigs, and other debris. Do the same for the area around the unit, giving at least two feet of obstruction-free space to maximize airflow to the fan and boost efficiency. Be sure to check for signs of damage and call your local HVAC technician ASAP if you notice anything unusual.

Test the System Now

When that first hot day arrives, nobody wants to fire up the AC only to find out it’s kaput. Turn the system on when outdoor temps reach 50 degrees or higher to test for and stay ahead of any issues. If something’s wrong, contact Heating & Cooling Two and schedule service with one of our expert HVAC techs.

Fix any Cracks, Seams, and Other Leaks

Gaps in the exterior of your home let cool or warm air produced by your HVAC system escape, decreasing its efficiency while increasing utility bills. Inspect all windows, doors, and outer walls for cracks and seams. Seal or caulk any spots that could be leaking indoor air and forcing your system to work harder.

Keep the Filter Clean

Maintaining a clean filter helps ensure your HVAC system has adequate airflow to retain efficiency. It’s a simple task and the most important thing you can do for your system. Follow manufacturer guidelines for changing or cleaning your air filter to promote peak performance.

Open Windows for Fresh Air

Use the warmer weather to your advantage beyond giving your heating system a breather. On nice days, open up your windows to increase ventilation and exchange stale, recycled indoor air with fresh air from outside to improve indoor air quality.

Remember to Monitor/Adjust Humidity Settings

We use humidifiers to help combat the cold, dry winter air, but the rising temperatures mean the air can hold more moisture and feel warmer. According to the Mayo Clinic, indoor relative humidity (RH) levels should be in the 30-50 percent range. Don’t forget to monitor RH settings (and adjust as necessary) as we transition to spring.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Service

Your HVAC system should be professionally inspected and cleaned before each season to ensure safety, efficiency, and overall performance. Schedule an AC tune-up today and avoid unwanted issues and costly repairs down the road. Want to stay ahead of the game all year round? Check out our exclusive maintenance packages and contact us for help finding and enrolling in the perfect one for you!

After another harsh and brutally cold winter, we warmly welcome the melting snow and higher temperatures here in Minnesota. Be sure that your heating and cooling systems are as ready for the change as you are with these HVAC tips for early spring.

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