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7 Tips for Better HVAC Energy Efficiency During Winter

Homeowners are always looking for ways to cut costs, and our heating and cooling systems tend to be the biggest contributor to monthly bills. However, you don’t have to wear gloves and a winter coat around the home to save some money. Use these tips to boost your HVAC energy efficiency during winter.

Maintain a Clean Filter

Dirty, clogged filters lead to reduced airflow in the system, forcing it to work harder and with decreased efficiency. They’re also the top cause of breakdowns. Remember to follow manufacturer guidelines for changing or cleaning your air filter to prevent added stress on your system AND your wallet! We’ve also put together a handy guide to furnace filters to reference for more information.

Schedule Professional Inspection/Maintenance Service

Call in the pros to make sure your system is in tip-top shape. Not only does regular maintenance service from an experienced HVAC technician help ensure peak performance and efficiency, it will also help prevent issues and costly repairs down the road.

Prevent Heat Loss Around the Home

Your furnace works hard to provide warm, cozy air to the home – don’t let it escape and be wasted. Inspect the exterior walls of your home, especially around doors and windows, and use caulk to patch any cracks or leaks. And when you shut windows and doors, be sure to lock them to ensure a tight seal.

Be Smart About Thermostat Management

Going wild with thermostat adjustments can add stress on the system as well as hike up energy bills, so be strategic. Drop the thermostat 7 – 10 degrees at night or when the house is empty, but don’t go lower than 50 – 55 degrees (and closer to 60 during extreme lows) to prevent frozen pipes. And when you bring the temp back up, do so gradually so your system can run at its optimal rate.

Don’t feel like adjusting the temperature manually each day? Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat so you can schedule settings out across multiple days and eliminate the extra hassle.

Incorporate Alternate Sources of Heat/Warmth

Before you run and turn up the thermostat, consider using other ways to fight off the chills:

  • Dress in layers and use blankets for extra warmth.
  • Use a space heater to warm up a specific area instead of the whole home.
  • Utilize sunshine on clear days by opening curtains or blinds but close them in the evening and at night to prevent heat loss.
  • Recycle oven heat after cooking by leaving the door slightly open.

Maintain Proper Humidity Levels

Cold air holds less moisture than warm air and results in the brutally frigid, dry winter air. Higher humidity levels make the air feel warmer than it actually is, so adding moisture with a humidifier lets you turn the thermostat down a few degrees and remain comfy.

Provide Clear Air Flow and Circulation

Make sure the air produced by your furnace can easily make its way to and throughout your home. Keep vents clear of furniture, storage items, and other obstructions. You can also use ceiling fans to help with air circulation: Set them to spin clockwise at a low speed to pull cool air up and push warm air down along walls and back to the floor where you can feel it.

Minnesota’s bitter cold and harsh winter weather have been in full effect recently. Don’t be tricked into thinking that has to mean choosing between spending more to turn up the thermostat or suffering through chilly indoor air! Use these tips for boosting HVAC energy efficiency during winter to stay cozy without blowing your budget.

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