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Furnace and AC: Replace Both Units Together?

replace both units

When it comes to at-home comfort, the spotlight is on your heating and cooling systems. You likely depend on one of these mechanical warriors as much as the other, since they’re called to work during opposing seasons. Neither the furnace nor the AC is designed to last forever, so is it a good idea to replace both units together?

Age is Just an Important Number

Furnace and AC units often have slightly different lifespans, which can cause issues when deciding on replacement.

With proper maintenance, your furnace can last 15 to 20 years. Help ensure a long life by keeping up with yearly maintenance and repairs:

  • Keep vents clean and clear of obstructions.
  • Check and replace filters as needed. A dirty filter can take years off the life of your furnace.
  • Have the unit tuned-up by a professional each year for proper function and to catch any issues before they become bigger problems.

On the other hand, your AC unit will usually last 10 to 15 years. Again, a well-maintained system will work better and often last longer, so be sure to keep up with regular checkups and repairs. Also, remove debris from around the unit, and check for clogged or dirty filters that can restrict airflow.

When to Wait

Realistically, the only time it makes sense to wait on replacing your furnace is if the unit is less than 10 years old. At that point, you can probably get several more seasons of use from it. But you may want to have the unit inspected if it’s closer to 15 years old or if you notice:

  • Strange noises that could indicate something is damaged or broken
  • The temperature inside isn’t as warm as it should be
  • The house takes longer to heat than normal

These could be signs that your furnace is failing and may signal that it’s time for a replacement. Always ensure you have up to date carbon monoxide detectors on hand as well.

Yes, Replace Both Units

If you’re set on replacing one unit but wavering on the other, weigh your options. Then consider the benefits when you replace both units at the same time.

Better Rebates. If both pieces of equipment are replaced you may qualify for better rebates.

Save energy. Some components, like the blower motor, are utilized by both a central air unit and the furnace. To ensure their compatibility and save energy with an ENERGY STAR certification, replace both systems together.

Longer lifespan. Mismatched components can compromise the efficiency and durability of your heating and cooling units. Repairing an older unit with newer components can put undue strain on the rest of the unit and cause breakdowns. Similar equipment across the board will help assure better, longer-lasting performance.

Installation costs. Replacing one unit a few years before replacing the other means you’re paying installation costs twice. Save the hassle and fees by doing both at the same time.

Peace of mind. With a new furnace and AC system, you won’t have to worry about repairs anytime soon. But remember to keep up with maintenance for both, so that each will last for many years to come.

The idea of replacing your heating and cooling systems might seem daunting, but you can save time, energy, and money when you replace both units together. Still have questions? The HVAC professionals at Heating & Cooling Two are here to answer those and even take a look at your existing systems, if needed. Contact us today to learn more.