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Keeping Your Newborn Comfortable at Home

newborn comfort

The arrival of your newest addition is one of the most joyous occasions but can also be overwhelming and stressful if you’re not prepared. Making sure everything is just right for your newborn also means selecting the ideal room temperature, humidity level, and air quality for their health and safety. Read on as we discuss keeping your newborn comfortable at home.

The Ideal Nursery Temperature

An overheated or chilly nursery can lead to fussiness and sleepless nights for baby as well as parents. A nursery that’s too warm can be dangerous for a newborn because it may increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) for babies less than one year old. Overheated babies are less likely to wake and alert mom, dad, or caregiver when something is not right.

Alternately, a nursery that’s too cold can lead to several health issues like nasal congestion, infections, chronic nosebleeds, dry skin, and even pneumonia. To help keep baby safe and healthy, keep the nursery at 68 to 72 degrees all year round. A room sensor installed on the wall of the nursery can read the temperature of the nursery and will communicate wirelessly with your home’s thermostat, allowing the perfect temperature for naps or bedtime.

Tips for Warmer Weather

Minnesota summers can bring sweltering heat and high humidity. Here are a few suggestions to keep your newborn comfortable during the warmer months:

  • Keep your home at or about 72 degrees.
  • Dress your baby in lighter clothing.
  • If safe, open the bedroom door to keep fresh air circulating.
  • Avoid placing baby in direct airflow of the AC or fan.
  • Keep your air ducts clean and properly maintained for better indoor air quality.

Tips for Cooler Weather

It’s a fact – winters in Minnesota are brutal. Here are some tips for keeping your baby comfortable in the cooler months:

  • Avoid placing a space heater near your baby and do not allow heat to blow directly on them.
  • Keep bulky comforters, quilts, and blankets out of the crib as they can lead to suffocation. A thin sheet is okay as long as baby is dressed appropriately.
  • Dress your baby in one extra layer than what you’re wearing but don’t over-bundle.
  • Heating your home can lead to dry indoor air. Consider installing a whole-house humidifier for comfort and extra moisture.

When it comes to your baby’s temperature, having a well maintained HVAC system is crucial. Heating & Cooling Two can help service all of your HVAC needs. Contact us today to schedule preventative maintenance or repair on your air conditioning unit.