Why You Should Turn on Your A/C Early

turn on your a/c early

Just like you need your morning coffee, your air conditioning needs some time to wake up and get its juices (a.k.a. refrigerant) flowing. Even though it’s not quite hot enough, we recommend turning your cooling system on for a few hours this spring. Here’s why you should turn on your A/C early:

Ensure it will work when you really need it

You probably haven’t run your air conditioning since September. The harsh Minnesota winter isn’t good for any type of mechanical equipment. You should turn on your air conditioning during a 70 degree day to check that it runs properly and schedule any needed repairs so you won’t have to suffer if it breaks down in 90 degrees.

Avoid a costly replacement

Left unchecked, simple problems could lead to a more costly replacement. Maintenance can prevent repairs and help your system run efficiently and last longer. According to an article by Angie’s List, a spring HVAC checkup can save you up to 15 percent a month on energy bills and extend your equipment’s life by several years.

Have confidence in your system

We recommend you get a head start, schedule service before busy season begins, and enter summer with confidence.

Before you turn on your A/C:

  • Clear the outside unit of debris, prune away foliage at least a foot from the unit, and remove condenser covers, coil blankets, or lids. Check that nothing is blocking the fan’s airflow.
  • Spray the condenser coils with a garden hose to clean off dirt and dust.
  • Replace your air filter and check for coolant leaks.
  • Make sure supply and return vents are free of blockage and vacuum registers to remove dust or pet hair.

If something seems wrong, contact your trusted HVAC contractor. We offer year-round tune-ups, so you’re covered if your equipment breaks down the first day you turn it on, or months into the summer. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout the Twin Cities metro. Contact Heating & Cooling Two today.

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