Your Spring HVAC Cleaning Checklist

spring hvac cleaning checklist

Turn up the tunes and have some spring cleaning fun, but don’t forget your HVAC system. A dirty HVAC system can impact air quality, dust accumulation, and utility bills. We’ve put together a rockin’ spring HVAC cleaning checklist so you won’t miss a beat.

  1. Test your system. Turn on the A/C to see if everything is working properly. Call your technician if something seems off.
  2. Check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector and replace if needed.
  3. Dust everywhere, including ledges, lamps, electronics, picture frames, and ceiling fans. Otherwise, dust, dirt, and allergens may wind up in your ductwork.
  4. Clean the windows and wash curtains.
  5. Caulk windows and doors.
  6. Change your filter. You should change your HVAC filter at least every 90 days, anyway.
  7. Clean return air vents and floor registers. Start with a vacuum. Then, use a rag and butter knife to scrub the individual grill spaces. For a deeper clean, remove the vent and rinse with warm water and soap.
  8. Turn on ceiling fans to circulate air. If they are spinning clockwise, reverse the direction for summer. Counterclockwise fans create a wind-chill effect, blowing air straight down to keep you cool. Most fans have a small switch on the motor housing.
  9. Give your air conditioner or heat pump room to breathe. Clear away plants or weeds at least two feet from your outdoor units. Sweep away fallen leaves and branches and use a garden hose to gently rinse off the condenser coils AFTER you’ve turned the power off to the unit.
  10. Schedule service with your trusted technician. During a maintenance appointment, Heating & Cooling Two technicians inspect, clean, and lubricate your equipment so it will run smoothly and efficiently. They’ll check for refrigerant leaks and refill or seal as needed. Dirty coils and low refrigerant can cost you more in cooling. An A/C tune-up will make sure your equipment has survived the winter unscathed and give you peace of mind knowing your HVAC system will run efficiently throughout the summer.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to prepare your equipment for summer. Servicing your HVAC system will bring you many benefits, including improved indoor air quality, lower utility bills, and longer equipment life. Contact Heating & Cooling Two today.

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