Easy Ways to Improve Your HVAC Habits

hvac habits

Most people broke their nose-picking habit a long time ago; others are still digging for gold, and not the kind that’s worth any moola. Picking your nose may be (mostly) harmless, but some habits are expensive. Learn how to overcome these bad HVAC habits and save money on your energy and repair bill:

Not changing your filters

Filters keep your indoor air free of pollutants and maintain clean airflow for your furnace or air conditioner to work properly. If you don’t change your filter regularly, your equipment will not be able to get the air it needs to run efficiently. Set a reminder on your phone and tape your filter receipt to the furnace so you don’t forget when you last changed it.

Obstructing airflow

Without proper airflow, your home won’t heat and cool evenly. Don’t block supply and return registers with furniture or other household items. Walk around your home to make note of where your vents are and take the opportunity to rearrange your furniture. If you’re still having trouble maintaining the temperature in your home, invest in a system that doesn’t use forced-air heating, such as radiant infloor heat.

Ignoring outdoor units

Your outdoor units need attention, too. If you don’t clear them of vegetation like twigs, leaves, dirt, pine needles, and acorns, the cooling fins and fan filter could become clogged. In addition, plants may grow into the condenser and affect components. Here’s a tip: When you mow your lawn or rake up your leaves, stop by your outdoor units and clear them of debris.

Abusing your thermostat

Frequently adjusting your thermostat or setting it to extreme temperatures can wear down your equipment. Turn the thermostat down a bit when you are away and during the day when the sun naturally heats your home. Use fans to circulate the air and blinds to keep the sweltering sun out during the summer. Invest in a programmable thermostat to lessen the stress on your system and save time and hassle.

Disregarding small issues

In the world of HVAC, small issues have a tendency to get complicated and expensive. If you notice that your equipment or ductwork is noisier than normal, your lights flicker when your system kicks on, or your furnace cycles on and off too frequently, don’t ignore it. Call your technician and consider upgrading your system or malfunctioning units.

Skipping professional maintenance

Without professional maintenance, you may be in for untimely breakdowns, and you may be living in unsafe conditions. For peace of mind, don’t try DIY repairs and don’t assume your equipment will run properly without regular care by a qualified technician. Schedule furnace and A/C tune-ups, add them to your calendar at the beginning of every year, and fit them into your annual budget.

Heating & Cooling Two provides a variety of maintenance packages so you can pre-schedule service and save money. We also offer furnace filters, humidifier filters, electronic air cleaner filters, and air conditioning covers so you can protect your indoor and outdoor units. Contact us for more information.

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