What’s Inside My Ductwork and Why Should I Have it Cleaned?

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Ever wonder what’s inside your home’s ductwork? Maybe you want to know, but you’re afraid of what you’ll find. Take a deep breath. Or don’t. Not until you know your ducts are clean. Then you can breathe easy knowing you’re inhaling safe, clean air.

Why should I schedule air duct cleaning?

Worst-case scenario, you could have harmful contaminants and microorganisms resting in your ducts, contaminating your indoor air. What goes in either lodges to the interior walls of your ductwork or disperses to other areas of your home. Bacteria, mildew, mold spores. Bugs, rodents, birds.

That’s just the living stuff.

Dust, fur, second-hand smoke. Are you the first owner of your home? Talk about stranger dander. If your ducts are dirty, no matter how much you clean or how many times you replace your furnace filter, your indoor air quality will suffer. Regardless of the air pollutants, it’s worth the peace of mind knowing the lungs of your HVAC system are clean and clear.

What does air duct cleaning involve?

Air duct cleaning involves a high-powered vacuum and specialized brushes. Your technician may cut out small holes in the ductwork so their cleaning equipment can dislodge and draw out all the particles and dust that may be hiding in there. Afterwards, they’ll seal the holes so your HVAC system remains airtight.

How often should I clean my ductwork?

Every three to five years or more, schedule duct cleaning service, especially if

  • You have pets.
  • You or your family suffer from respiratory problems.
  • You hear scurrying noises coming from your ceiling or walls.
  • Your supply registers emit dust when your heat or air conditioning turns on.
  • You’re remodeling your home or did so recently.

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