What Does a New Furnace Cost?

new furnaceA furnace should last 15-20 years, but when it has run its course, there’s no avoiding a costly replacement. You can expect to drop anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000, depending on what type of furnace you purchase, what contractor you hire, how large your home is, and how smoothly installation goes. Before throwing your money at a new furnace and HVAC contractor, consider these four things:

The different types of furnaces

The cost of a new furnace depends on the energy source used to heat it. There are a few main types of furnaces based on what they use for fuel: gas, electric, oil, or propane. We offer Bryant gas furnaces, which are known for their energy savings, quiet performance, and long lifespan. Gas furnace models vary based on how often they turn on and off to heat a home to the temperature on the thermostat.

  • A single-stage gas furnace runs at one speed to heat the home.
  • A two-stage gas furnace heats the home by alternating between low and high heating stages.
  • A variable speed gas furnace has an adjustable blower that runs at different speeds to keep a uniform temperature.

Furnace features

Most furnaces on the market advertise quieter, more consistent, and energy-saving performance. Manufacturers accomplish this by adding noise reduction features like insulated cabinets. Different brands incorporate smart technology to increase the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of their furnace models. The higher the AFUE percentage, the less fuel a furnace will use to heat your home.


If ductwork, vents, or filters aren’t installed or adjusted properly, your heating system will struggle to distribute warm air throughout your home. If your furnace is in a hard to reach location, it could take more time or be more difficult to install a new one, making your HVAC contractor charge more for installation. You may need new ductwork throughout your home to accommodate for an upgrade to a larger furnace or to fix leaks in your existing forced air system. Either way, you’ll want this crucial step done right, so do your research on the best HVAC contractor to hire.


Your HVAC contractor should be licensed and insured in your state and have reputable affiliations and testimonials. Check out more than one local HVAC contractor, so you can make sure you are getting a fair price. Don’t go with the lowest bid. They may be cheap, but lack quality service and craftsmanship.

High efficiency furnaces are more expensive up front but worth it in the long run. Heating & Cooling Two is a trusted HVAC contractor who’ll give you an honest, free estimate on a new furnace. We also offer a variety of hot deals and financing options. Contact us to request an estimate.

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