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Why You Should Install a Zoned Heating System

Brushing a bald head is pointless. So is making your furnace heat areas in your home that you don’t use or overheating areas that are already warm enough. You wouldn’t control all the lights in your house with one switch. You don’t turn on every faucet when you start the shower, either. So why control the heat for your entire home with one thermostat? A zoned heating system uses multiple thermostats so you don’t waste the heat your furnace produces.

What is HVAC zoning?

A zoned heating system uses a control panel, thermostats, and dampers to channel your furnace heat to certain rooms so you don’t have to heat the entire house to a certain temperature. These customizable temperature zones are independently controlled, each by their own thermostat. You can even get remote controls that let you adjust the temperature on individual floors or in specific areas without getting up from your living room couch.

How does a zoned heating system work?

Dampers control how much air can pass through the ductwork at a time, completely stop air, or redirect the air to other areas of the home. A control panel opens, closes, and adjusts the dampers based on the temperature you set on the thermostat and the readings of the temperature controllers in each room.

Why should I get a zoned heating system?

Certain areas of your home could be warmer or colder, even when your thermostat is set to automatically adjust the temperature. The upstairs can often be three to seven degrees warmer than downstairs because heat rises. You may want to control the temperature in certain areas of your home depending on the function of each room. A warm, cozy living room. A chill, crisp workout room or office.

Here’s why you may want to install a zoning system:

  • If you and other house occupants passive-aggressively change the thermostat when the other isn’t looking because you can’t agree on a temperature.
  • If you have rooms that you don’t use all the time or that feel stuffy.
  • If you have high ceilings or large windows.
  • If you have a sunroom that overheats.

With adjustable temperatures, you can lower your heating bills, increase your home comfort, and extend the life of your furnace. Heating & Cooling Two can’t give you a new head of hair, but we can install a zoning system for your home so your furnace isn’t as pointless as a bald man’s hairbrush. Contact us for a free estimate.