10 Ways to Keep Your House Warm and Save Money

energy-efficient solutions

You don’t have to wear a parka in your home to stay warm and save money. But it might seem like a favorable option when you are looking at that hundred-dollar heating bill in the winter months. Apart from expensive options like replacing your furnace or installing in-floor heat, a variety of energy-efficient solutions can keep your house warmer and decrease your heat bill—so you don’t have to shiver in the drafts of a cold home or wear your winter jacket 24/7.

1.Use your curtains

Invest in heavy drapes and keep them open to let the sun in during the day, closing them only at night. You can even buy them with thermal lining. And don’t just hang them on your windows—use them on your entry doors as well.

2.Keep your radiators and vents clear

Don’t place furniture or other items in front of radiators or vents. It will block the heat from dispersing throughout your home.

3.Lay out some rugs

Floors account for as much as 10 percent of heat loss. Place rugs over your wood and tile floors for insulation. Bonus: rugs will feel cozy and comfortable underneath your bare feet.

4.Shower with the door open

Let all that steam out.

5.Bake and heat

Leave the oven door open when you finish baking. Not only will the (hopefully) pleasant aroma of your food waft throughout your home, but you’ll also heat the kitchen without having to turn up the thermostat.

6.Purchase a draft stopper

A draft stopper looks like a long, thin pillow, and only costs around ten dollars. Place it on the floor in front of your door to keep the cold air from entering underneath.

7.Close off unused rooms

Shut doors and close the vents. Don’t waste money heating rooms that aren’t occupied.

8.Use a space heater

Turn your thermostat down while you are sleeping or not at home. If you plan on hanging out in one room for a while, use a space heater to keep it cozy without having to warm up the rest of the house.

9.Reverse your ceiling fan rotation

Not many people are aware of this feature on their ceiling fans: the little switch on the motor housing allows you to customize your fan for the hot and cold seasons. In the winter, switch the fan to rotate clockwise so it will push cold air upward to mix with the rising heat.

10.Caulk your window frames

Seal off air leaks between the joints in your window frames. Caulking only costs a few dollars and can protect your home from water damage as well.

Follow these ten tips to make sure your monthly heating bill is put to good use. Your winter coat could keep you warm inside, but that’s your heating system’s job. Make sure your units are running efficiently by scheduling a tune-up with our HVAC technicians. Heating & Cooling Two is here to help you stay warm this winter. Contact us today.

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