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The Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “I’m going to step outside to get some air,” or even said it yourself. Have you ever wondered what you are breathing inside? With recent warnings about air pollution, it’s even more important to improve the air quality in your home. While your HVAC system may be working hard to keep a steady flow of fresh air circulating throughout your ductwork, air can be polluted by a variety of different things. Here are the biggest factors impacting indoor air quality:

Excess Moisture

Summer in Minnesota is known for its humidity. The air can feel heavy, and without proper ventilation, your home may feel sticky and stale. Liquid spills, leaky plumbing, or wet clothes evaporate water into the air, creating moist environments that are breeding grounds for mold and other microbiological growth. Make sure you clean up any spills and fix plumbing issues the minute you notice them to avoid damage to your home, mold growth, and poor air quality. Consider installing a dehumidifier to regulate the temperature of your home.

Insufficient Outdoor Air Intake

Without proper ventilation, your home may smell stale because of cooking, smoking, and other lingering odors. This is especially prevalent in areas of your home that have no windows or vents. Bathrooms, basements, closets, and attics are all spaces where outdoor air intake is insufficient. Consider installing a ventilation system to keep the air flowing smoothly throughout your home.

Airborne Dust or Dirt

Dust settles on furniture and appliances, triggering allergies and asthma. Dust and vacuum your home every week to maintain a clean home. Regularly wash linens and make sure curtains and furniture are dust free to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Keep your HVAC system running smoothly by replacing filters and schedule routine maintenance.


These days there are many products that contain harmful chemicals that can affect indoor air quality. Personal activities like smoking and poor hygiene are both factors that influence how many chemicals you breathe in a day. Cigarette smoking releases more than 4,000 chemicals into the air. Those chemicals seep into fabric, hair, and skin. Personal hygiene habits also impact the air you breathe. Perfumes, deodorants, laundry detergents, and other cleaning chemicals hold strong odors. Without air circulation, the smells can cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

With the closing of summer and cold temperatures on the horizon, now is a good time to air out your home and make sure your indoor air will be properly ventilated in the cold, dry days of winter. Heating & Cooling Two offers indoor air quality products, HVAC service, and heating and cooling systems that can help. Contact us today for a free estimate.