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Thermostat not reading properly? Here’s how to tell.

Losing your cool? Summer can cause temperatures to rise in more ways than one. The recent hot and humid weather tested our moods as well as our air conditioners. How did your home fair? Common thermostat problems develop if your thermostat and HVAC systems are not communicating. This can result in inconsistent temperatures in your home.

Common Thermostat Problems

Control your temper… ature. Here are a few common thermostat problems and their fixes.

Malfunctioning Sensor

A malfunctioning sensor will incorrectly read the temperature of the room. Recalibrating your thermostat may fix this. Depending on the age and technology, a better solution may be to upgrade.

Dirty Components

A build-up of dirt obstructs your unit’s ability to read an accurate room temperature. Easily solved with a good cleaning! Clear away the dust and debris by cleaning the inside of your thermostat with a soft brush. Remove corrosion from metal contacts by using an electrical cleaner on a cotton swap.


HVAC placement impacts the heating and cooling of your home. Placement plays a large role in how well your thermostat will function. If your thermostat is in a poor location, it will not accurately be able to read the temperature of the room.


Older mercury thermostats performance will suffer if they are not level. Break out your level and double check and/or correct. Didn’t solve the problem? Then it may be time to upgrade.

Time for an Upgrade

Unlike wine, thermostats do not get better with age. Upgrade and take advantage of the new efficiency and technology available.

Our comfort experts can recommend a wide range of dependable thermostats, including Evolution® Connex™ Control by Bryant. Control your home’s temperature, humidity, and air quality. Additional features can include:

  • Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Control on the go. Connect your phone or tablet.
  • Optimized HVAC efficiency.
  • Energy savings.

Call us today to learn more about possible options or for your system tune-up. Don’t struggle to achieve the perfect home temperature. Schedule your appointment today!