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Hot Days Ahead – Do Air Conditioners Dehumidify?

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Bring on the hot days! Temperatures continue to climb, which means the humidity will too. Humidity can be killer and impact the condition of your home. Too much humidity can mean that dust mites, mold, and mildew thrive. Other issues include inducing allergies, condensation on windows, and peeling wallpaper. Well-balanced indoor air quality is important for keeping your whole family comfortable. Do you need to install a dehumidifier or ventilation system or is your air conditioner enough?

Do Air Conditioners Dehumidify?

Yes, your air conditioner does dehumidify. This is not its main function. An air conditioner’s main job is to cool a room. Normally this happens through a heat exchange process. Air conditioners pull warm air into the system and run it over refrigerant-filled coils. The new cool air is then sent back into the room. The extracted heat is pushed outside. During this process, the AC does take some moisture from the air, thus dehumidify.
A dehumidifier’s main job is to remove the moisture from the air. The process of dehumidifying the air is different than that of an air conditioner. Instead of cooling the air, the dehumidifier heats it and extracts the moisture into a draining system, removing the moisture from your home altogether.

More Efficient Options

Do you like it hot? Or freezing? Dehumidifying a room with your AC would need a very cold temperature setting. Instead of turning your home into an ice box, we have other solutions:

Modulating & Multi-Stage Air Conditioners

Modulating and multi-stage AC units, like Bryant’s model 189 and 127, remove additional humidity versus standard single-speed AC units with their ability to run air slowly across the coils and extract extra moisture. To make this technology work in your home, a furnace or air handler with a variable speed fan and a thermostat with the ability to control humidity is required.


Install or buy a dehumidifier. If the main goal is to remove the moisture, then this is your best option. If only one room needs the humidity reduced, this can be a very cost-effective option.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is one area of heating and cooling that is often overlooked. A ventilation fan can be key to stopping the moisture before it becomes a problem, especially in the bathroom. A fan removes moisture before it reaches your AC.

If you think you have too much humidity in your home, call your comfort experts at Heating and Cooling Two. We can recommend ways to improve your indoor air quality and humidity levels.