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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Benefits of a Garage Heater

Benefits of a Garage Heater

Mancave, bike shop, gym, car storage, shop… a garage can be many things to many different people. With a recent shift to using that space more creatively, the garage can be much more than storage space. Open up the possibilities by looking at the benefits of a garage heater. Now maybe the perfect time to re-think the use of your garage.

Benefits of a Garage Heater:

Comfort: Very few people like to work or hang out in the cold, at least not for very long. One advantage of a garage heater is that it allows you space and time to get more projects done.

More Space: Creating a hangout or workspace in your garage can free up space in your home. The extra room could benefit adults, kids, and pets from having to spend time or play outside in the cold.

Low Maintenance: Most garage heaters are simple in design. Our Hot Dawg® Garage Heaters have permanently-lubricated motors for trouble-free dependability. Most maintenance involves basic cleaning or changing the air filters regularly. Hot Dawg® Garage Heaters alme with a 10-year warranty.

Compact: Past garage heaters have been large and clunky. Today they have a much smaller and compact design. Smaller doesn’t mean less power. Make sure to get the right size heater for your space.
Utilize your space further by having your garage heater mounted to the ceiling with a Supreme Stands® unit heater quick hanging bracket. The video below shows how quick and easy it is to install.

Living in Minnesota, it can seem like a real luxury if you have an insulated and heated garage. Make this the winter that you upgrade your garage and add a new space to your home! Contact Heating & Cooling Two today. We’ll help you make the most of your garage space.