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Winter is Coming. Are you Ready?

Heating and Cooling System

Ready for the cold weather of winter? OK, we get it, we get it. We know that it is hard to think of the cold and snow when we are all still enjoying the warm weather of August. But, in the words of almost every character on the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.”

Like it or not, the days are getting shorter and the weather will start to cool down soon. While you may not be ready to shift seasons, it is important that your heating and cooling system is ready, no matter what season it is.

Not quite sure what to do to prepare? Here are a few suggestions to keep you on the ball and ready to rock, whenever Mother Nature decides to switch things up.

Get a tune up

Performing a regular furnace tune up or air conditioning tune up will help you and your HVAC system in the long run. By having your furnace and air conditioner cleaned, inspected, and tuned up on a regular basis is not only smart, but can save you money. By having your system inspected, an expert can monitor the performance and help avoid future issues, which can save money on emergency service calls or complete system replacement.

Replace your old system

How old is your current furnace or air conditioner? Are repairs starting to add up? Is it getting harder and harder to heat your home in the winter or cool it down in the summer? It might be time to replace the old system. Adding a new, energy efficient furnace or air conditioner will not only save you money on repair costs, it will save you money on your utility bills as well. If your system is over 15 years old and giving your grief, we recommend replacing before investing any more money in repairs.

Schedule regular maintenance

Just like an oil change for your car, your furnace and air conditioner need to have regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly. We recommend that a qualified HVAC technician service your HVAC equipment every 12 months. At Heating & Cooling Two, we have annual maintenance packages or Planned Service Agreements that keep you on track and provide special benefits, like discounts on service repairs and service calls/diagnostic fees. We offer multiple levels of Planned Service Agreements (P.S.A.) — Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Have questions about your current system? Want to schedule a tune up? Give us a call at Heating & Cooling Two. We are happy to help. Also, don’t forget about our HOT DEALS on service or system replacement.