An AC Tune-up is Cool When Preparing for a Hot Summer

AC tune-up

Who is ready for a nice, warm summer? A summer filled with blue skies, big puffy white clouds, and the warm sunshine. Oh, the warm, warm sunshine. Here is another question for you — do you love a crisp, air-conditioned home on a warm, summer day? Who doesn’t, right?

If keeping your home at a cool, comfortable temperature throughout the summer months is important to you, think about scheduling an air conditioning tune-up. Scheduling a professional AC tune-up can help save money and misery this summer.

Has your air conditioner ever quit working on you in the heat of the summer? A failed A/C unit can be miserable for both family members and pets. The good news is that problems with your A/C unit can be detected and resolved during a routine A/C tune-up, which will save you on repair and/or replacement costs. While we offer 24-hour emergency service, we would rather perform a routine tune-up and have you set for summer.

Our annual AC tune-up includes…

  • Air Filter Replacement (filters provided for additional fee)
  • Clean Drain Lines & Condensate Trap
  • Inspect & Clean Blower Components
  • Clean Outdoor Unit Using Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Inspect Electrical Connections & Wiring
  • Test & Inspect Safety Controls
  • Thermostat Operation Inspection
  • Check Refrigerant Levels
  • Inspect Heat Anticipator Settings
  • Check Operating Pressures
  • Inspect Indoor Cooling Coil
  • Check Amp Draw/Motors
  • Lubricate All Moving Parts
  • Monitor Air Conditioning Cycles
  • Monitor Operation
  • Adjust Air Flow for Proper Temperature
  • Inspect Overall Operation.

Performing an annual AC tune-up also helps extend the life of your system. There really is nothing cooler that you can do for your air conditioning system. Well, the only thing cooler, is getting a deal on an AC tune-up. Check out our HOT DEALS on tune-ups, repairs, and replacements. Schedule an AC tune-up before the summer heat hits.

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